Eating pasta during the dinner: against insomnia and stress


We are the pasta country, but only 1 dish of spaghetti out of 3 is served for dinner. However, the almost 12 million Italians who do not consume it at night due to fear of gaining weight or compromising sleep should think again. Extensive scientific literature has shown that eating pasta at dinner improves sleep and does not make you fat. On the occasion of the World Day of Sleep (March 15), a guide of...

Mosca, Russia - Prodexpo 2019 dal 11 al 15 febbraio 2019


Divella in Russia: the Apulian company leader in the food sector will participate in the 26th edition of the PRODEXPO Fair in Moscow, from 11 to 15 February 2019, together with other companies. The event, one of the most important dedicated to food production in Russia and neighboring countries, was born with the aim of consolidating and strengthening the commercial presence on the Russian market...

San Francisco, USA - Winter Fancy Food. From 13 to 15 January 2019


The Winter Fancy Food Show, in San Francisco, one of the most important fairs dedicated to the food and wine sector and to food specialties, is ready to start. Divella will participate as a producer of pasta and products of the Mediterranean Diet, from 13 to 15 January 2019. The fair, which today is considered the most famous and ancient festival dedicated to food in America, it is an important...