A postage stamp dedicated to F. Divella S.p.A.
A special gift to celebrate 130 years of the company’s activity

A brand new ordinary postage stamp dedicated to ‘F. Divella S.p.A.’ was issued on June 19 by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. It belongs to the thematic series ‘The excellences of the productive and economic system’ and was issued to celebrate 130 years of one of the most important pasta producers in Italy. On the postage stamp there are ‘penne rigate’ (one of the most famous shapes of durum wheat semolina pasta) with the logo of the company which, from the first flour mill built in 1890, has been converted into a joint-stock company over the years. The postage stamp was printed by the Italian National Mint and Printing House in rotogravure on white, neutral-coated, self-adhesive and non-fluorescent paper with a circulation of five hundred thousand copies. The realisation of the sketch was entrusted to the Philatelic Centre of the Operative Direction of the Italian National Mint and Printing House. The issue of the postage stamp is a source of pride for Divella which, thanks to the daily commitment of 320 employees, has become a company able to effectively compete both on the national and global market. The mills grind 1200 tons of durum wheat and 400 tons of soft wheat every day. Divella produces about 1000 tons of dry pasta and 35 tons of fresh pasta per day for a total of more than 150 formats which can satisfy the most demanding palates. These extensive results are flanked by those of the biscuit factory. Today, Divella bakery products line has a turnover of over 30 million euros and boasts a latest-generation production plant and experts always ready to launch new projects to delight the most refined tastes.

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