Gradita is born: 5 Italian leading companies for food has created this new network to highlight the relevance of the Mediterranean diet in the world
On April 21st 2016, in Rome, the Italian leading companies Divella, Callipo, Gelateria CallipoCoricelli and Polli joined forces to create “Gradita”, a new network of Italian brands for food. Through “Gradita”, these leading companies want to increase the power of Italian food tradition they keep on representing.

These 5 companies put together their founding families’ history, with the research and the innovation to compete in the international food market with new products.
“Gradita” has two goals: share, even in Italy, the principles of Mediterranean diet, and face together the international food market, avoiding the limits due to the small dimensions of Italian companies.

“Together we can do more and better” Francesco Divella said. “I am really proud of having been one of the protagonists for this project’s creation. I have longed for it, for long time, because I’m sure that nowadays, in the globalized food market, the idea of “small company is the best” is not always right. This union of historical companies like ours is meaningful and goes beyond economic goals. Only with the promotion of Mediterranean diet in the world, we can let our products’ quality and high nutritional values be known.

So, today, we propose a challenge and invite everyone to take it up and support us”.
Therefore, these leading companies want to go beyond the limits of small dimensions and share the principles of Mediterranean diet in the world. Unity is strengh, even for food!

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