F. Divella S.p.a. adheres to the Merenda Solidale event, a biscuit for the little ones
A small gesture to help many children and families in difficulty. For the second consecutive year F. Divella S.p.A adheres to the school initiative “Merenda Solidale”. The event is scheduled for Thursday 6 June, starting at 9:00 am at the Perone-Levi school in Bari, in the “C.Collodi” complex, in via Brigata Regina 27. Each student of the school will be given a package of Divella biscuits and during the morning the little ones can taste the products in the presence of the company representatives. Furthermore, the presence of the Divella Corporate Chef is envisaged with the aim of witnessing not only the quality of the products, but also the proximity of the entire corporate community to the values ​​that the day dedicated to the solidarity snack represents.Also during this edition each child will pay the symbolic amount of one euro that will be collected by the parents. The proceeds will be donated to bodies and / or associations preferably in the area, which deal with minors. The choice of the association to which to allocate the money collected will be the result of some proposals put forward by the Institute Council composed of representatives of parents, teachers and the entire school community with the subsequent delivery of the sum to the identified association. The entire itinerary is made public and visible on the school website: from the preparation and preparation stage to the delivery of the collected contribution. To coordinate the preparation of the event, as every year, the teacher Rosa Grazioso with the supervision of the school director Donida Lopomo. “Sharing a snack with your companions, during the morning spent at school – explains the manager – represents for our students an essential moment of listening, confrontation, interaction with peers, as well as a pleasant and necessary pause between lockouts educational activities.This is why this year our school, which for years has been supporting training initiatives for its students, has joined the solidarity snack, a kind gesture of sharing and openness to the other that, in its simplicity, becomes the vehicle of messages and important values ​​in favor of the weakest ”. The event will continue the following day, June 7, in the other complexes of the institute. “We join with joy in this event – explains Domenico Divella, biscuit coordinator and fresh pasta F. Divella S.p.A – because we believe it is an initiative that allows to transmit to children the values ​​of empathy; or the ability to fully understand the state of mind of others, whether it is joy or pain ”.

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