Quality comes first. Our strategy is based on the following key areas: keeping a very high standard quality by selecting the best raw material; an accurate work during the different steps of the production; respect for health and safety regulations; the promotion of a real culture of “working with care” during every moment of our production.

To be able to comply to the European regulations, in respect of our customers needs and expectations, we consider the “Attention to the customer” as the most important strategy to be pursued, which means we always engage with our customers requests, expectations and needs.

Some of the principles that inspire our work, as a sort of culture, philosophy or DNA of F.DIVELLA S.p.a., are: specific targets that help our business to achieve environmental sustainability, making healthier products whilst still delivering the best flavours, in accordance with health and safety regulations on our premises , in respect of the social and ethical responsibility towards the community we work in. An important role in this matter was held by the “Quality Managing System” complying to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 for planning, development and production of dry pasta, fresh pasta, flours, semolina and biscuits; the “Environmental Sustainability System” complying to the regulations of UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, apart the HACCP vade mecum.

We have obtained a certification for Production and packaging in modified atmoshere of pasteurized fresh semolina, egg, wholemeal and special pasta and Production and packaging of cookies.

View IFS Certificate and BRC Certificate for fresh pasta.

View IFS Certificate and BRC Certificate for cookies.

In terms of food safety we have obtained FSSC 22000 certification.

View ISO 45001:2018 certificate.

We have achieved the Kosher Certification referred to semolina pasta.

We have achieved the Halal Certification for pasta and flour.

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