The malaise of the season changing affects over 35 million Italians. The secret to dealing with it? A good breakfast
Difficulty getting up in the morning, exhaustion, sleep-related disorders, anxiety or bad mood: these are some of the symptoms of the so-called “seasonal change syndrome”. Widespread illnesses, which affect all (or almost all) Italians: 86% – 35 million people between 18 and 70 – in fact they suffer from a physical or psychological point of view, due to the change of season. With 32% claiming to suffer almost always. The most affected category? Women between 35 and 54 years where the percentage of sufferers exceeds 90%.

Feeling with dead batteries with increasing hours of light and temperature is a very common condition and there are several strategies implemented to overcome this delicate period, such as devoting more attention to the first meal of the day. For 9 out of 10 Italians, eating breakfast always helps to have more energy for the rest of the day, even if it resists a 6% who, at this time of year, tends to skip it.
These some data emerged from the “Change of season and breakfast” survey carried out by the Doxa-AIDEPI Observatory “I start well” on a national sample representative of the Italian population of 1000 people. The campaign, wanted and supported by AIDEPI (Association of Italian sweet and pasta industries), promotes the value of breakfast for several years and lives on the blog and on the dedicated Facebook page.

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