Gradita is born: 5 Italian leading companies for food has created this new network to highlight the relevance of the Mediterranean diet in the world

On April 21st 2016, in Rome, the Italian leading companies Divella, Callipo, Gelateria Callipo, Coricelli and Polli joined forces to create “Gradita”, a new network of Italian brands for food. Through “Gradita”, these leading companies want to increase the power of Italian food tradition they keep on representing. These 5 companies put together their founding families’ [...]

Divella Company for the Earth Day

Divella, for over 125 years, produces pasta made from durum wheat semolina, in order to share the values of goodness and genuineness. Since the company's philosophy is also based on a careful selection of raw materials, on the respect for the environment and social responsibility, Divella believes in the need to celebrate the protection of our [...]

A great news from divella: gluten free pasta

What's better than enjoying good pasta even you have food intolerance? From this year on, Divella brings to you a new product line of gluten free pasta, to allow customers with celiac disease enjoy the main dish of mediterranean cuisine, with Divella's guaranteed quality. In the new recipe, wheat flour is replaced with rice and corn flour, without loosing the [...]

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