Paternosti with monkfish, asparagus and cacio ricotta
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Paternosti with monkfish, asparagus and cacio ricotta
  • Prep. time
    30 Min.
  • Skills
  • Recipe for
    4 people
Ingredients for 4 people
  • Paternosti lisci, 500 g
  • 5 Tomatoes Pachino
  • 1 small bundle of asparagus
  • 1 chopped monkfish
  • 2 mint leaves
  • Cacio Ricotta cheese, as you need
  • Extra virgin olive oil, as you need
  • Pepper, as you need
  • 1 slice of garlic
Made with
Semolina Pasta
62 – Paternosti Lisci
Divella Paternosti lisci, monkfish, asparagus and cacio ricotta: have you ever taste a recipe like this?
1st Step
First we put the water to boil for the pasta and separate the hard part of the asparagus (stem) from the soft part (tip): put the tips aside and put the stalks in the water in which we then boil the pasta.
2nd Step
Once this water has changed color and has been flavored (about 10 minutes from the boil) take the stems and throw them away. We dip our spaghetti in this pot with the water flavored.
3rd Step
Let's prepare a sautéed with whole garlic and a drop of oil in a pan, adding after a minute the few pachino we have cut into quarters. After one minute, add the monkfish cutted into cubes and the tips of the asparagus.
4th Step
Everything will cook briefly and we will be ready to take the spaghetti from the pot into this pan. Let's finish the cooking by skiping everything, adding gradually the cooking water (asparagus flavor), adding salt and pepper and adding the grated ricotta cheese to served the dish.
Enjoy your meal!
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