Frappe with ice cream and Lemon Ottimini
Frappe with ice cream and Lemon Ottimini
  • Prep. time
    20 Min.
  • Skills
  • Recipe for
    1 people
Ingredients for 1 people
  • Chocholate Ice cream, 200 g.
  • Vanilla or Hazelnut ice cream, 50 g.
  • Milk, 120 ml
  • Lemon Ottimini, 4
  • Dolcenella, 1 spoon
Made with
Biscuits and Croissants
Lemon Ottimini
Biscuits and Croissants
With this warm, a fresh and greedy sweet is perfectl: let's prepare the frappè with Lemon Ottimini Divella!
1° Step
Put the chocolate ice-cream and the fior di latte ice-cream, the milk, the Dolcenella, and Ottimini cookies in the blender's jug.
Mix everything until a creamy consistency is obtained. When it is ready, pour the frappè in very cold glasses. Complete by decorating with Dolcenella and currant.
2° Step
Enjoy your meal!
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