Divella 100% Italian whole wheat pasta

Goodness and simplicity: these are the values that distinguish our company and our products. Since 1890 we grind selected grains with one goal, bringing authentic flavors and high quality products on your tables.

From these essential values our 100% Italian whole wheat Pasta line is born: a high quality whole Pasta made from stone-shelled wheat with a soft grinding that maintains the characteristics and goodness of the grain. We use Italian grain from supply chain contracts that enhance durum wheat cultivation, good agricultural practices, ensure better remuneration for farmers and the application of agricultural good practices.

The best of whole wheat

The simplicity lies in the ingredients: only 100% Italian whole durum wheat and water. The rustic taste of wholewheat with that intense flavor typical of the products of our tradition.

Our wholewheat pasta comes from the grinding of 100% Italian grains with all their coating (bran), is rich in fiber and is a source of proteins. The antioxidant properties and high digestibility make it a true pillar of the Mediterranean diet.