With passion since 1890

Good things are always the simplest. This is the secret for a successful company.

Divella has been producing durum wheat since 1890: the story began when Francesco Divella built his first flour mill in Rutigliano, a small farming community near Bari.
Over the years, the hard work of many people has paid off.

They have transformed the company, now in its fourth generation, into a cornerstone of the global food industry.


Our mission can be summarized in few points:

- Quality control, careful selection of raw materials and modern technologies;

- Attention to consumer health and safety;

- Respect for the environment and social responsibility

Our durum wheat semolina pasta is produced with durum wheat semolina grown in Italy and EU and non-EU countries ground in Italy.

Three colors spaghetti


Great results are obtained with small steps: the first Divella plant, although small, was fitted with a robust French millstone, which became the symbol of the company. During the 80s and 90s, when the pasta industry was growing, Divella expanded its production structure: it is at this time that Divella company became synonymous with excellence in taste and quality.

The story goes on


After 130 years, the "Mediterranean Passion" inspired many people, giving life to the production of three modern pasta factories. Divella continues to pursue the same objectives since 1890, passing on the Apulian tradition and the principles of the Mediterranean diet throughout the world with pasta, cookies, oil and many other of our high quality products.

Divella yesterday

130 years of history

The first flour production mill evolved into F. Divella S.p.A joint-stock company.

Company History


Every day 280 people contribute to the life of the three factories of our company. Our mills grind the best durum wheats, turning them into semolina for pasta, flour, and cookies: 1,200 tons of durum wheat, 400 tons of wheat flour. We produce 1000 tons of dried pasta, 35 tons of fresh pasta and 60 tons of biscuits per day.  More than 150 shapes of pasta for a very wide choice that meets the needs of the most demanding consumers: spaghetti, rigatoni, the famous orecchiette, egg pasta, bronze drawn, wholewheat pasta and finally the enriched of dehydrated vegetables pasta. A production in the name of an Italian tradition that has allowed us to propose unique flavors, required by our customers.