Since 1890 making pasta  with passion
Since 1890 making pasta with passion

Our first aim is and will always be Quality accomplished by the most advanced technologies, highly selected raw material and a wide range of pasta shapes to satisfy everyone’s taste. We’re constantly improving our range of Fresh Pasta, introducing pasta in shapes typical of our local tradition and our regional cuisine. The process of making fresh pasta is carried out in special contamination free areas with very technically advanced systems for best quality products.

Through the pasteurization process and after a cooling-off period, pasta is prepared and packed in a modified atmosphere ( ATM ). ATM is a packaging procedure which uses special types of waterproof film and a mix of gas ( carbon dioxide and nitrogen ) to reduce the presence of oxygen-

All our products, kept at +4°, have a shelf- life of 75 days. This is possible thank to the above mentioned natural manufacturing process that we use.

This process has been conceived and optimized only to guarantee the freshness and the healthiness of a real home-made product.